Fashion Revolution’s global network has a decentralised structure, this means that country groups and offices are largely self-governing around a set of guidelines and principles with support from Fashion Revolution CIC in the UK. They are affiliated with Fashion Revolution CIC who act as global coordinators through Voluntary Group Agreements and Country Office Affiliation Agreements.

The network is a largely voluntary and it is made up of:

  1. Country Teams which are voluntary groups organised around a group constitution
  2.  Country Offices which are legal entities in their own countries who often also have volunteers or voluntary members as well as employees

If you would like to get involved you can see if your country already has a team by clicking on the Find Your Country section on this page. If they do then you can send a message to the current team using the contact form on their country page expressing interest in joining the team or volunteering on particular events or activities. Please be aware that as teams are voluntary they may take a little while to respond to your enquiry. Due to voluntary capacity some teams are only active during Fashion Revolution Week each April, while others activate around the year.

If you are a student and would like to get in touch about becoming a Student Ambassador in your country please contact the current team using the contact form on their country page to find out if they have an active Student Ambassador programme. Student Ambassadors are voluntary roles coordinated by the Country Team or Country Office who activate around Fashion Revolution in their universities.

If your country is not listed this means there is not an active country team based there. Please read on below about our Induction process for new teams, as this has recently been updated.


Fashion Revolution is going through a period of organisational change, which will see us potentially change our governance and structure as a global organisation. We are in a process of consultation with all members of our Global Network to figure out what this new structure may look like. For this reason, we will not be setting up any new teams over the next few months. Since we do not know what shape the governance will take, the Induction Programme and process is likely to change significantly. 

We hope to have a more clear idea of where we are heading as an organisation in around September 2023, after which time we will start to redesign and reopen the Induction Programme. This programme is essential to ensure that all volunteer teams are aligned with our vision, mission, and values, and have the necessary tools to carry out their work.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with this, and appreciate that this may be disappointing to hear. However, there are many ways you can get involved with Fashion Revolution before starting a formal Voluntary Group in your country! 

Please read on below for some ideas and inspiration, and if you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us. 

How can I get involved before setting up a team in my country? 

  • Gather a group of stakeholders to form your team (a minimum of 2 people are needed to apply to create a volunteer team)
    1. Check the Induction Waiting List: Find out whether another person has expressed an interest in starting a team in your region on our country team webpage and contact them to find out how you can get involved.
  • Contact another team within your region/ who speaks your language who you may be able to support.
    1. Check the teams in your region on our country team webpage
  • Use these templates to start to think about the problems and solutions in your country 
  1. What are your proposed team aims that will contribute most towards the biggest issues in your country? You can reference this Jamboard to help brainstorm ideas.
  2. What are the key issues you are trying to address? Our Problem Definition tool will help you to map out the answers to this question, including who is most impacted, plus the social and cultural factors that influence this and your work.
  3. You can use the Country Context ‘PESTLE’ analysis tool here to help you decide the most relevant areas of your work to your country’s own context – including things like its political landscape, social context and economic landscape. 

Please do not create any social media accounts in your country until your team has been fully inducted.

This is particularly important for us, as we share communications and branding guidelines – including social media representation across the Fashion Revolution Global Network – at the point of induction. It is also beneficial to yourselves as our induction takes a deeper look at best ways to engage and measure impact through your digital reach.


Induction Programme waiting list (please email if you would like to be connected with the below):

  • Panama

  • Tanzania

  • Iceland

  • Australia

  • Moldova

  • Armenia

  • Bolivia

  • eSwatini

  • Bulgaria

  • Lebanon

  • Kyrgstan