Welcome to Fashion Revolution USA! Join us in asking #whomademyclothes and #whatsinmyclothes throughout the 50 states and beyond.

Fashion Revolution USA is proud to be a part of the international mission of Fashion Revolution bringing programming, events, and educational resources to life.

Our Mission

Through advocacy, industry partnerships, events, initiatives, and education we bring together stakeholders from across the fashion, clothing, footwear, accessories, and textiles supply chain to help create an inclusive U.S. fashion system that conducts business ethically, regenerates the environment, and produces responsibly, supporting all voices across the apparel network.

Your donation helps us bring this mission to life. Fashion Revolution USA is fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund, a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible in the United States. Our EIN/tax ID is 46-1323531.

Become a USA Fashion Revolutionary

Do you want to be part of a global network of change-makers committed to transforming the fashion industry? At Fashion Revolution, we believe every individual can play a role, and that every voice matters in the global movement calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry. By joining Fashion Revolution USA’s team as one of our Fashion Revolution Ambassadors, you’ll join a network of like-minded individuals, make local and global connections, and take a leadership role in your community to educate, influence and make a real impact on the future of fashion. Apply today!

Our Teams

Fashion Revolution USA consists of three Vice Presidents and several core team members representing a mix of deep education experience, nonprofit and business competency, events and communications expertise, advocacy support, and industry savvy.

Our Communications team sets the strategy for campaigns and manages our social media, web, newsletter and press relations efforts to galvanize fashion revolutionaries across the U.S. We also make a pretty great newsletter sharing the latest and greatest on our work and projects, which you can sign up for here.

Team contacts: Jennifer Inaba, VP of Communications & Operations; Rashmi Bhosale, Social Media Strategist; Luke Oh, Graphic Designer; and Nathalia Orquera, Newsletter Manager.

Our Community team supports our expanding network of Community Ambassadors, Regional Coordinators and City Leads, and provides general volunteer support.

Team contacts: Linda Corrado, VP of Community & Partnerships; Madison PM Cline, Co-Community Manager; and Sarah Forsythe, Co-Community Manager. 

Our Education team leads innovative partnerships with academia, higher educational institutions, museums and communities. 

Team contacts: Michelle Gabriel, VP of Policy & Education; Kelly Peaks, Education Manager; and Dakota Margolis, Education Coordinator.

Our Operations team supports our internal staff, volunteers and ambassadors, manages operational processes for the growth of the organization, and lends expertise to our organizational processes and flow, including communication systems, financial management and human resources alignment.

Team contacts: Jennifer Inaba, VP of Communications & Operations; Aditya Ganpule, HR/Finance Manager; and Theresa Laumann, Chief of Staff.

Our Partnerships team focuses on brand, educational institutions and organization partnerships, paid and strategic partnerships, donor and funding opportunities, and industry collaborations. 

Team contacts: Linda Corrado, VP of Community & Partnerships; and Sabrena Snow, Partnerships Manager.

Our Policy team advocates for a fashion revolution through campaigns and legislation across the country, focused on (but not limited to!) workers rights and worker conditions; Indigenous rights and artisan crafts; supply chain transparency; environmental policy; circular economy; and international trade.

Team contacts: Michelle Gabriel, VP of Policy & Education; Nikki Eclarinal, Policy Manager; Natalie Juo, Legal Intern; and Sophia Powell, Policy Intern.


Thank you for joining and supporting Fashion Revolution USA!

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Your donation will help the Fashion Revolution USA team to increase nationwide awareness of Fashion Revolution’s global mission to change how clothes are sourced, produced and consumed. Your support for Fashion Revolution is hugely appreciated.



Country Team

Natalie	Juo

Natalie Juo

Legal Intern

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Nikki	Eclarinal

Nikki Eclarinal

Policy Manager

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Sabrena	Snow

Sabrena Snow

Partnerships Manager

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Theresa	Laumann

Theresa Laumann

Chief of Staff

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Amanda (Brennan)	Lane

Amanda (Brennan) Lane

People and Culture Manager

View bio
Aditya	Ganpule

Aditya Ganpule

HR/Finance Manager

View bio
Dakota	Margolis

Dakota Margolis

Education Coordinator

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Kelly Peaks

Kelly Peaks

Education Manager

View bio
Sarah Forsythe

Sarah Forsythe

Co-Community Manager

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Madison PM	Cline

Madison PM Cline

Co-Community Manager

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Nathalia	Orquera

Nathalia Orquera

Newsletter Manager

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Rashmi Bhosale

Rashmi Bhosale

Social Media Strategist

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Jennifer	Inaba

Jennifer Inaba

VP of Communications and Operations

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Michelle	Gabriel

Michelle Gabriel

VP of Policy and Education

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Linda Corrado

Linda Corrado

VP of Community and Partnerships

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