Fashion supply chains are notoriously opaque, and this can enable exploitative working conditions to thrive while obscuring who has the responsibility and power to redress them. 

While a growing number of brands and retailers have published a list of the factories where their garments are cut and sewn, the vast majority of brands are not yet disclosing the facilities where fabrics and yarns are made. When you look further down the supply chain, where fabrics are knitted or woven, textiles are treated and laundered, yarns are spun and dyed, fibres are sorted and processed and raw materials are grown and picked; there remains a widespread lack of transparency.

We need brands to provide more visibility and take more responsibility for their entire global supply chain, including processing facilities and textile mills.

We’re calling upon citizens everywhere to demand greater transparency from brands by asking #WhoMadeMyFabric? We’re also calling for producers to tell us #IMadeYourFabric, so we can connect more closely with the people who produce the fabrics and raw materials we wear.


Help us call on more than 60 major fashion brands and retailers to publicly disclose the processing facilities and textile mills in their global supply chains. 

Tag brands on social media to ask #WhoMadeMyFabric, and make sure to use our #WhoMadeMyFabric poster in your photos (or make your own!) and tag us at @fash_rev. If you’re a producer working in the fashion supply chain, you can also use our #IMadeYourFabric poster and hashtag to share your story with the world.

Dear ,

Brands and retailers listen closely to their customers, so one of the most effective ways to share your concerns about working conditions in their supply chains is by leaving them a product review. How do you leave a product review? Copy the paragraph below and paste it in the review section of one of these brand websites. You can also use customer review platforms such as Trustpilot to help amplify the campaign.

Copy this text:

I am your customer, and I love your style. However, I would like to know more about the people who make your clothes and the materials they are made from. Please publish a list of all the textile production facilities in your supply chain. This is a vital first step to take accountability for the working conditions of the people who make your products. Can you tell me #WhoMadeMyFabric?



Out of Sight Report 2020

Out of Sight Report 2020

In 2020, we conducted research into the supply chain transparency efforts of 62 major fashion brands and retailers.

#WhoMadeMyFabric Poster

#WhoMadeMyFabric Poster

Download and print a #WhoMadeMyFabric poster and share a picture, making sure to tag the brands on social media.

#IMadeYourFabric Poster

#IMadeYourFabric Poster

Download and print an #IMadeYourFabric poster for producers to showcase who they are and what they do on social media.

Textile worker stories

Textile worker stories

A blog post showcasing a selection of #IMadeYourFabric images and interviews with textile workers in Tamil Nadu.



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