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21st – 26th APRIL

2020 marks the 7th anniversary of Fashion Revolution Week, and we are taking our mission to new heights! With support in over 90 countries, Fashion Revolution Week calls for more responsibility and transparency in the fashion industry. This year’s event takes place April 20 to 26 .

Since its inception, Fashion Revolution has campaigned globally for a more sustainable fashion industry, raising awareness of its most pressing environmental and social issues, and calling for and achieving systemic reforms that brought about positive change that continue to tackle poverty, human rights violations, low wages, discrimination, environmental pollution, waste and lack of transparency.

In 2018, over 275 million people globally contributed their voice to the movement, engaging thousands of brands and influencers, achieving important coverage from significant publications such as Vogue, Marie Claire, Refinery 29, The Guardian and more, as well as getting the entire length of the value chain to ask questions challenging how fashion is made and by whom, from farmers to factory workers, brands to buyers, and consumers to campaigners.

The same communal ethos and commitment to sustainability was seen within the UAE’s Fashion Revolution Week and pioneering sustainability initiatives: workshops, panel discussions and campaigns.

Following last year’s success, Fashion Revolution Week 2019 built on the spirit of inclusivity which stands at the nexus of the UAE’s unique character, bringing together its different communities and diverse cultures in order to become a true and impactful force for good, in support of UAE Vision 2021.

Fashion Revolution UAE 2020 Events Line up

  • April 20th

Event– Loved clothes last (Social Media)

We opened up our online platforms to our audience to host an event called #lovedclotheslast. The whole prospective for this event was to encourage our audience to look into their wardrobes and share their love story with any of their clothing item. That fashion item could have reminded them of a specific part of their life or a certain emotion they felt wearing it, because clothing items always have had more of an impact than just fabric on a body and we wanted our audience to understand that factor. This event allowed our audience members to look at their fashion items more than just stagnant items, it brought meaning to the pieces someone may own.

  • April 21st

Event– Who made my clothes (Social Media)

We want to make our online audience feel more included even during these tough times, so understanding the physical restrictions our audiences were facing and it was not viable for them to go out and print out posters of [Who Made My Clothes] to show their support. So we gave them a chance to express their contribution in any shape and form they preferred to. We wanted to challenge our community to make their own posters in their own style and with the resources and supplies available to them.

  • April 22nd

Event– Haulternative (Social Media)

We are going to head into our community of creative, artistic members and ask them to share their own creations of up cycling clothing, restyling them or even basic DIY’s because we know sharing their experience brings light to the opportunity of other members experimenting with items in their closet, instead of inherently purchasing something new we want to express the opportunity to just renew the items they own in order to suit their styles or needs.

  • April 23rd

EventWardrobe styling workshop & Wardrobe inventory workshop (Social Media Live by FRD UAE Interns – Syeda Erum and Benedict Joe #stylewithEJ)

We want to interact with our community even more during these times, so we will be setting up two live workshops one will be a live styling workshop where our social media team will go into their wardrobe and pick basic everyday clothing they wear or believe is universally worn and style it according to their personal taste, to show the different forms of variety one item can be worn in. The second workshop will be “Wardrobe inventory” this is a small life skill to aid the understanding of what items does someone actually have in their wardrobe. This workshop will include our team explaining the benefits on a wardrobe inventory in which it is a helpful process to recognize the items of clothing someone owns and how and when to wear them. It helps them systematically understand what they own and not forget what they own, we believe this process is a good skill to learn in order to reduce the excess purchase of clothing items.

  • April 24th

Event– Panel Discussion

We will be holding an online panel discussion amongst esteemed members of the industry to gain insights and understanding into recent events that have come lo light. The panel discussion is based upon the topic “Is the UAE mature for sustainable fashion and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry”. The whole ordeal of this discussion is to gain and give a better understanding of how the fashion industry has been affected by this new pandemic and what are they doing to rise up and cope up with it in more ways. This will give our audience insight into how our industry experts are tackling this scenario and situation and what are they’re overall views upon this situation. They will also be discussing if the UAE is a prospect candidate in accepting the movement and culture of sustainable fashion, it will penetrate into systems and understandings of how the UAE view their position in the fashion industry and what they are capable of in terms of adapting to the changing times especially in regards to sustainability. Our discussion will be led and hosted by the very esteemed Araceli Gallego who is the CEO, and Founder of and the founder and editor in chief of Our brilliant panelists will consist Vino Supraja one of our fantastic fashion designers that proudly carry our 3 S´s. We love the colorful collections that personally she sees develop from A-Z. Sian Rowland, Founder, and Chief Storyteller at Retold, the best second-hand, vintage, pre-loved shop in Dubai. Maire Morris, Fashion consultant and mastermind behind Morris Consultancy. Ashish Kumar, former buyer at Landmark, started Stitchpile in 2017 providing garment design and sourcing for different fashion brands. As he works with different factories, he has first-hand information on the supply chain impacts.


MAIRE MORRIS  – Director of Morris Fashion Consultancy

VINO SUPRAJA  – Luxury sustainbale fashion designer

SIAN– Chief Storyteller at RETOLD

ASHISH KUMAR- Owner of Stitchphile Garments


Time: Apr 24, 2020 10:00 AM Dubai

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  • April 26th

Event– Visible mending workshop with Natalya Konforti from Glitches and stitches

We will also be hosting an online workshop with an industry expert on the basis of visible mending. Visible mending is a process of turning mistakes, cuts, rips etc. Into art, we want to promote the habit of making mistakes beautiful, we want to change the perspective of constant buying due to minor defects on already owned clothing, Visible mending will allow our audience to broaden their perspective of establishing their unique looks through the mistakes they find in their garments. This workshop will be held and led by Natalya Konforti the founder of Glitches & Stitches. Glitches & Stitches is a homegrown brand focused on promoting the value of craftsmanship and artisanal skills. In addition to a capsule collection of hand embellished textile accessories, they also host a number of creativity focused workshops in Dubai such as textile printing and hand embroidery and DIY cosmetics. Visible mending will be a small tool we want our audience to acquire in order to experiment, have fun and let the their creative sides run wild.

Time: Apr 26, 2020 02:30 PM Dubai

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Meeting ID: 833 0189 3612
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 The highlight of the week, the Sustainable Fashion Runway Competition is a yearly event that brings together the top fashion universities of the UAE in a friendly educational challenge of sustainable garment construction, in order to engage students in the cause and introduce them to sustainable fashion production.

This year, students from  Amity University, Capital Education and from FAD Institute of Luxury Fashion and Style in Dubai will be submitting their entries to be selected for the finals where they have to then make their collection. The finale will be judged online.

The winners of the runway competition will win mentorships and online courses with universities.


ASIL ATTAR  –Global Industry Expert – Fashion & Retail

DIJANA MACURE– Professor of Fashion Design & an award winning fashion designer

AYESHA SIDDEQUAFounder Future Fashion


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Fashion Revolution UAE is seeking new team members and Country Coordinator

Fashion Revolution United Arab Emirates is a voluntary team that has been active since 2015. It is part of a global network of 90 country teams who campaign for a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.

The team is currently undergoing a transition and is seeking new members to build on 5 years of successful campaigning in UAE. We are seeking a voluntary Country Coordinator and a core team who would like to shape activities and campaigning across communications, events, partnerships and developing student and education networks.

Teams are largely self-organised around a voluntary group framework with guidance and support from Fashion Revolution CIC, based in the UK. If you would like further information or are interested in joining please email the Global Network Manager,


Country Coordinator

Ayesha Siddequa

Ayesha Siddequa

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Araceli Gallego

Araceli Gallego

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Sana Rahimtula

Sana Rahimtula

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Fashion Revolution is only five years old and already the world’s largest fashion activism movement.
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