Fashion Revolution China started in 2022 through the team at Veshin Factory. Veshin Factory is located in Guangzhou China and is built on a foundation of 5 core value pillars. The second value being radical transparency. In 2021 Veshin Factory owner Joey Pringle got involved with Fashion Revolution during Fashion Revolution Week with video and interview campaigns.

The team at Veshin want to empower other factory’s to follow its lead. Rather than solely focus on just Veshin, Joey with his partner Xiao Wei wanted to bring awareness and transparency to all factories in China. They wanted to set an example, remove the ‘Made in China’ stigma and provide the industry with a spotlight and a voice. The only way they could achieve this was by starting Fashion Revolution China.

Fashion Revolution China’s vision is to show the role that China can play in creating a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit. Our mission is to raise awareness about the role that China plays in supporting the Fashion Revolution global vision through building and strengthening international relationships and movements within and outside of China.

We look forward to raising awareness together!


Country Coordinator

Joey Pringle

Joey Pringle

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Country Team

Xiao Wei

Xiao Wei

Policy Lead

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Fashion Revolution is only five years old and already the world’s largest fashion activism movement.

We will continue to push for greater transparency through investigative research,
inspiring informative content and creative events, but we need your help.


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