Do Singaporeans care about sustainable fashion?

By Fashion Revolution

4 days ago

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This is a FREE event on Zoom. Please RSVP through the Peatix link for a Zoom invite! The event will also be broadcast on Facebook Live.

In the first Southeast Asian focused consumer-facing report, Fashion Revolution SG and Oxford Development Consultancy have come together to publish ‘Fashion Sustainability Report 2021: focus on change & South East Asia)’.

With a focus on the cultural, business and education landscape of the fashion industry in Singapore, we wish to find out if Singaporeans relate to an urgent need for change within the system. Do we care about the complex fashion supply chains that result in low wages, abuse of labour and immense pressure on our environment? Have we fully grasped what it means to be sustainable beyond band-aid solutions and paying lip service?

Join our panellists on the 24th of April as we ask: Do Singaporeans care about sustainable fashion?