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3 months ago

Upcoming events

  • 20/04/2024 17:00 - 20/04/2024 19:00

    Éva Réti's presentation entitled "Reusing the Hungarian Embroidery World" at the Association of Transylvanian Hungarians (Budapest, Molnár u.5), where the exhibition of Enikő Sajtos, Hungary's first trained disabled model and fashion designer, is also on display. With the support of her mother, Enikő designs unique, recycled, traditional folk embroideries and practical accessories. She has been participating in FR's special campaign week for years.

    Eva Réti, the founder of Réthy Fashion was one of the first in Hungary to start dealing with recycling, and preserving the value and recycling of Hungarian embroideries is also extremely important to her. In her lecture, she will talk about the many uses of the Hungarian embroidery world, and how recycling can create new value from textiles and garments often thrown away.
    Éva Réti is a Fashion Revolution Hungary member and considers education extremely important in her work, which is why she also created a Recycling Academy.

    As this presentation falls on the international Mend In Public Day, we encourage participants to bring items they would like to repair, sew or embroider, and these can be dealt with during the talk.