This fanzine is also available as a ‘pay what you can’ digital download by clicking here.

The fourth in a series of bi-annual collectable fanzines which seek to uncover the stories behind the clothing we wear.

FASHION CRAFT REVOLUTION is an extensive examination of how we interact with craft in the age of the Anthropocene –  from the effects of globalisation to the plight of the homeworker; the crafts that are on the brink of extinction, and the ones that are alive, kicking, and actively embracing new technologies to ensure the handmade and the artisanal remain relevant for the future.  

This issue is 240 x 170mm and 104 pages long. Printed in full colour throughout with a pull out pattern section with how to’s from Katie Jones, Mindful Mending and Pragya Sharma.

As with all our zines, we aim to be surprising, thought-provoking and solution-based as well as making a strong and beautiful visual impact to enhance the journey.

Image credits: Cover illustration: Emily Sear, Rebozo’s and Resistance: Rebecca Gourlay, Craftivism: Rozalina Burkova, Globalisation: Emily Sear.