Alliance Française

By Fashion Revolution

2 months ago

Location:Utalii Lane, Nairobi, Kenya

Upcoming events

  • 15/04/2024 07:30 - 17/04/2024 11:00

    Fashion Reimagined Film Screening by Fashion Revolution Kenya

    Join us for as we unpack the film and what it means to Reimagine the fashion and textile industry in Kenya!

    We are Kenyan. We are ethical. We are inclusive. We are fashion!

    We see a world where the journeys of our garments and textile industry are seen on a global stage. We are passionate about starting conversations that will impact future generations.

    We would like to challenge Kenyans to think of their future and what is important to us. What does sustainability mean in the African context? Is there vernacular knowledge that can inform how we currently make and consume fashion? How do we navigate ownership and preservation of our cultural practices when faced with the realities of global production? Do we want to rebuild our industry, or should we just be fashion consumers? How do we reconcile the economics and livelihoods of local tailors with second hand clothes sellers? Whose voices have been telling this story and who has been left out? How do we express ourselves and have a united voice?

    We welcome you to take this journey with us. Karibu.