Workshop: Mending + Maintenance

By Fashion Revolution

2 months ago

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13/04/2024 10:30 - 13:00 (Europe/London)
Galway City Museum
Address: Galway, Ireland

As part of Fashion Revolution Week 2024, Galway City Museum will host a free workshop showing participants how to do simple repairs on clothes, patching, darning, buttons, and zips – with Eimear Greaney (

The first two hours will comprise a demonstration on how to mend various items. These repairs will include clothes donated to a local charity shop that could not be sold due to their poor condition. Once repaired, clothing will be returned to the charity shop for selling.

Afterwards, there will be a 30-minute demo on how to thread a sewing machine, change needles and deal with any other sewing dilemmas! Attendees are welcome to bring their own machines if they have any specific questions.

Cost: Free

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