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2 years ago

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22/04/2022 03:00 - 07:30 (America/New_York)
Cinema Modernissimo
Address: Via Cisterna dell\\\'Olio, Napoli, NA, Italia

On the occasion of the Fashion Revolution Week, the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples, with the courses of Fashion Design, Scenography, Cinema and Audiovisual has organized an event aimed at raising awareness among university students, teachers, politicians, representatives of the fashion industry and citizens on the issues of sustainability and fashion. The event is a moment of study and reflection on the impact that fashion generates on the environment, an opportunity to reflect on strategies to slow down fast fashion and eliminate fashion that does harm.
The event, organized within the Cinema Modernissimo in Naples, will focus on the projection and presentation by the professor of Cinema, Gina Annunziata of two films, The true Cost (2015) by Andrew Morgan and Je suis responsable (2021) directed by Enrico Poli for the brand A Forma.
Next, Prof. Marianna Carbone will present the results of the Modisto project, an international project on sustainable fashion training funded by Erasmus+ that involved institutions, Universities and Research Centers from 4 European countries Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic and Italy.
Prof. Giulia Scalera will conclude with the presentation of a rich mapping of new design strategies useful to guide companies and designers in the conversion towards the culture of sustainable design in fashion.

Cost: Free