Mend in Public Het Faire Oosten Edition

By Fashion Revolution

1 month ago

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20/04/2024 05:00 - 08:00 (America/New_York)
Het Faire Oosten
Phone: 0642857131
Het Faire Oosten
Address: Waldenlaan 208, Amsterdam, Nederland

“Our mission is to encourage people to live and consume more sustainably and create appreciation of craftsmanship.
We take part in the creation of the positive innovative landscape by supporting changemakers that truly are making a meaningful difference to the world. Changemakers with an authentic and honest story and products to match. We choose brands that are taking innovative steps towards a more sustainable and fair future. You can trust us to select and curate everything in our department store in Amsterdam-East and webshop with great care. We ask critical questions about the whole picture: starting with the materials of the products, what the work conditions of the makers are and how transport is organised. Only goods that are produced with respect for the environment and the people who make them belong in this store.

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