Film Projection and Discussion

By Fashion Revolution

1 month ago

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21/04/2024 22:30 - 22/04/2024 02:00 (Europe/London)
Escale Circulaire
Address: 505 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est, Montreal, QC, Canada

Fashion Revolution Québec, in collaboration with broadcast platform WaterBear, presents the "Redress the Future" series of three short documentaries to stimulate discussion on how to be a Fashion Revolutionary. "ReDress the Future" is a new series that explores the ideas and innovators subverting the status quo which underlies an unsustainable fashion industry. Whether it’s calling out the very notion of being “on trend”, which drives relentless consumerism, or it’s focusing in on the pioneers that are bucking the trend against outdated and unsustainable business models and manufacturing processes, this series seeks to challenge the fashion industry as we know it and give viewers a glimpse at a more circular fashion future which they never even knew was possible. Because the future of fashion isn’t about following the herd, it’s about doing things differently, it’s about ReDressing the Future!

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