European Conference: Fashion Transparency and Traceability: Policies and Implementation

By Fashion Revolution

3 months ago

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23/04/2024 12:00 - 13:30 (America/New_York)

This conference will unpack the journey of fashion products from raw materials to finished goods, emphasizing the need for transparency and traceability to ensure ethical practices and sustainability. The evening will feature a series of expert-led sessions, starting with Professor Francesca Romana Rinaldi, Director Monitor for Circular Fashion SDA Bocconi & UNECE Expert, who will present her work, including the UNECE Sustainability Pledge. Followed by Catherine Dauriac, Country Coordinator of Fashion Revolution France who will elaborate on the transparency of French natural fibers. Next, Yuka Martin Mendo, Producer of Fashion Revolution Japan, who will discuss transparency within the Asian context. Dr. Fiori Zafeiropoulou, Country Cordinator of Fashion Revolution Greece & TRAMA expert, who will facilitate the dialogue and the panels among the TRAMA educational program faculty and best practices. The event will also include a special presentation on the role of the "Transparency Manager in the Fashion Industry" .

Why Attend?

Connect with leading thinkers and changemakers in sustainable fashion.
Understand the role of transparency in ethical fashion practices.
Learn about the TRAMA program and the pivotal role of Transparency Managers in the industry.

Special Features:

Interactive speeches led by experts.
Opportunity to earn certification through the TRAMA program enhancing your professional standing in sustainable fashion.
Pitches by fashion industry players of the TRAMA program.

Who Should Attend?
This conference is designed for fashion enthusiasts, industry professionals, academics, and policymakers eager to contribute to a sustainable and ethical fashion future.

About the TRAMA Project:
Supported by the European Union, the TRAMA project is aimed at addressing environmental challenges within the fashion industry and fostering job opportunities that meet market demands. It emphasizes the importance of the Transparency Manager role, essential for guiding brands toward sustainable and ethical practices. Benefits of participating in the project include:

Access to a specialized digital learning platform.
A series of educational webinars.
Certification that bolsters employment opportunities and promotes ethical practices.

Cost: Free

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