Clothing repair workshop

By Fashion Revolution

2 months ago

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17/04/2024 10:00 - 13:00 (Europe/London)
Yalham Hayes
Address: Taunton, UK

Chloë is delighted to be hosting a clothing repair workshop prior to Mend in Public Day as part of Fashion Revolution Week.

Over 15 years, Chloë has built a business around her love of fashion, fabrics and textile reuse, but most specifically rescuing beautiful remnants from landfill.

Her award winning sustainable profession, has taken her to Milan and London Fashion Weeks, and also seen her work in the likes of publications such as The Times, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Elle.

Her obsession with repurposing textiles, has now led to the art of repair, resulting in a fabulous commission from Manchester Art Gallery, of her now very well known Couture Applique Patches.

Cost: £25

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More Information: Please note that this event is on Wednesday prior to Mend in Public Day plus there are very limited tickets, so please book early to avoid disappointment.