Country Coordinators Fashion Revolution Week Prize Pot Competition

By Fashion Revolution

2 years ago

This year, for the first time, we launched our Country Coordinators Fashion Revolution Week Prize Pot Competition, in partnership with the C&A Foundation.

Country Coordinators where invited to submit proposals for grants of up to £2,000 in order to create outstanding, original, and challenging

events to be staged in their local community during Fashion Revolution Week 2019.

We received a range of inspiring entries and it was a tough competition to judge. However we are pleased to announce the following winners:


In Singapore’s largest shopping street the team will hold a day of activities including workshops, installation artwork, panel discussions and photo shoots.

They aim to mobilise the wider public of ‘non-sustainable’ fashion consumers in Singapore to the critical challenges the garment industry faces and to bridge the gap between mindful consumers and those who have not yet understood the need for a Fashion Revolution.


Our Colombian team will be creating a “Manifesto Map for a Fashion Revolution City Crawl” for some of Colombia’s most important cities. They plan to unleash the creative potential in brands, designers and communities focused on sustainability, offering the Fashion Revolution Week as a platform to come together in a single objective.

Their Manifesto Map will take the public to installations, performances, artworks, exhibitions, etc, that will explore specifically one point of the FR Manifesto that best describes the values or purposes that are embedded in their products or services.


Fashion Revolution Laos are looking to promote traditional customs within the apparel, art, and handicraft industry. 

They will hold a Women’s Empowerment luncheon and photoshoot and invite female fashion/handicraft leaders and other inspiring females stakeholders to the project. The luncheon and networking event will be followed by short filmed interviews, individual and professional head shots with the “Who Made My Clothes”.

They will also hold ’10 production days for 10 youth designers’ filming interviews on the production process and design process using “I Made Your Clothes Posters.” ln collaboration with Cineart Media company the documentary will be released at a public screening.


Slovakia will educate middle school students about the current situation in the global fashion industry, inspire them to think about the decisions they make through their purchases as well as motivating them in remaking their own clothes. 

They will be showing how easy it is to make great wearable pieces from clothing and textile waste. Throughout their classes they will be discussing the amount of work going into the final pieces and how easily they can be remade into new – by ourselves, with a positive impact on environment. The workshops will culminate in a big Catwalk show of all th e students work during Fashion Revolution Week. 


Fashion Revolution Italy will be running a screening of “Fashion Victims”, new documentary by Alessandro Basile on the spreading practice of the Sumangli Scheme in India. The screening will be followed by a Q&A session discussing women’s inequality issues and child labour in the fashion industry.

Fashion Revolution Italia have decided to engage mainly students and young professionals inviting many universities to join the screening.


Fashion Revolution Vietnam will be running an exhibition, titled ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ at The Vietnamese Women’s Museum for the duration of Fashion Revolution week. 

The exhibition aims to raise awareness of the human cost and impact of the fashion industry, and to share actions everyone can do to help. It will also be running to showcase, celebrate and support local designers and makers, as well as sustainable fashion brands from the region.


Fashion Revolution Iran will be running a five day exhibition aimed to increase awareness of the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry, in the  Iranian community. As well as providing them with practical solutions for sustainable consumption of clothing.

They will work to showcase and run workshops with local fashion designers and artists, who have integrated concepts of sustainable design. They will bring together international experts in sustainable fashion, local Iranian manufacturers and university professors to run presentations and panel discussions. 

We really are looking forward to seeing all of their events and achievements their Fashion Revolution week.