Who Made Your Clothes: Fiona Crick

By Fashion Revolution

10 years ago

The countdown to Fashion Revolution Day continues with the second in our series of John-Paul Flintoff interviews. Just in case you’ve missed our previous posts about this brilliant campaign, Fashion Revolution Day is taking place on 24th April and is an opportunity to find out how fashion can be used as a ‘force for good’. To get us all thinking, the team behind the day are asking one simple question: Who Made Your Clothes.

In this interview, held at our Sew It Forward event in December, John-Paul asks Fiona Crick “what item of clothing are you wearing that has a nice story for you?”

 “One item of clothing I’m wearing at the moment was bought in Norfolk in a shop called Old Town in Holt…it sells beautiful clothes that they make from scratch – they are all made in the workshop upstairs…”

Thanks to John-Paul Flintoff for interviewing, Fiona for sharing the story of who made her clothes, The Railway in Streatham for hosting and Tim Ridley for filming.

Reposted with permission from TheGoodWardrobe.com