Wear to Start – a Beginner’s Guide to Eco-Fashion

By Fashion Revolution

7 years ago

When you think of WWF, you may not immediately think of fashion, but our new event will make the world of fashion and precious species collide.

We’re calling on people around the UK to dress to express their wild side for our Wear it Wild campaign launching on Friday 5 June. But more on that later.

So where to start indeed. I’m a big fan of fashion, but lately I’ve been putting a bit more thought into where my latest ‘new top’ has actually come from, and how it’s made it to the hanger. What impact is my skinny jean obsession having on people and the planet, and is there a way I can buy more sustainably or breathe new life into the wardrobe I’ve already got – most of which I hardly ever wear (come on, I know I’m not the only guilty one).

I’m on a mission to be more what I like to call ‘sussy’ -sustainable and sassily fashion minded. But I don’t want to compromise on style and end up looking like a bag lady. Fashion bloggers are all over the internet, taking over Twitter, pinning on Pinterest and uploading from fashion front rows straight to Instagram. These guys are great at showing us what’s hot or not, but when I rock my animal print for Wear it Wild, I also want to know it’s sustainable.

Queue the eco-fashion bloggers. Now this is definitely more my bag, or should I say #MoreMyBagThese guys know about style, but care about the impact fashion brands have on our planet. They also give great tips on making the most of what we already have, and up-cycling from the back of our wardrobes. Things are looking up – I can save money, do my bit for the planet – and jazz up that old jacket that I want to keep but never wear.

Here’s a snap shot of some of my top, sussy fashion bloggers and why I’ll be looking to them for inspiration.

Style Eyes

Ceri Heathcote’s blog, Style Eyes focuses on up-cycling and vintage clothing. There’s also plenty of creative inspiration. As a busy Mum of two, she can provide inspiration for working Mums, like me!

Dresses on a clothes line

© Dresses on a Clothesline

I love this kooky, honest blog, which the writer and photographer Ron McQuade describes as her virtual diary. She talks about her favourite sustainable brands based on their ethical, sustainability and style credibility.

One green dress

Amelia Glynn’s blog looks at the environmental and human aspects of ethical fashion. She also likes to spark debate on the corporate and social responsibility of big brands, and the positive changes that they could make.

Arthur and Henry

It would be rude to forget about the boys!  This blog provides inspiration for smarter wear – and it’s all organic, Fair Trade, and ethical.

The Conscience Collective

© Conscience Collective

The blog, by Stacy H and Emma H provides some funky fashion inspiration, but also looks at what we wear from an ethical and international development perspective. Taking inspiration from Guyana and Trinidad, there are lots of ideas on how you can stand out from the crowd.

Why Wear it Wild?

So now I have the inspiration – and the information – to Wear it Wild in a sustainable way on 5 June. And this really matters, because in the last 40 years we’ve lost more than half of our species populations. That’s right, more than half! Wear it Wild is about people letting loose and showing their wild side to raise funds to protect these incredible species and their habitats. I think I’ve got my outfit sorted and I’m going to go as wild as I possible.

What are you doing for Wear it Wild?

If you haven’t already, sign up and share your wild side with #WearitWild