Fashion Revolution Branding 2015 is Launched!

By Fashion Revolution

9 years ago

Fashion Revolution 2015 branding photoshoot is now online!

This video was created from behind the scenes shots from our Fashion Revolution Day photoshoot by Created by Christopher Cunniff and Rachel Manns.  Thank you to all involved in creating our 2015 branding photoshoot – a  full credit list is below.

Fashion Revolution branding 2015

All of our branding and photographs are completely open source – use them wherever and whenever you want.  Download from this link on our website:

Our logos and handwriting slogans are also available to download so why not create your own Fashion Revolution photographs and put our logo and branding over the top?  You can also download panels to use on Facebook and Twitter.

We look forward to seeing the creative ways in which you use our branding and imagery.  Enjoy!

Don’t forget to always use the new hashtag for 2015 #FashRev

Fashion Revolution photoshoot 2015

Branding credits

All Branding: Heather Knight | twitter: heatherknight08 | instagram: @hknight08

 Photography credits

Photographer: Rachel Manns | | twitter: @rachel_manns | instagram: @rachel_manns

Stylist: Alice Wilby @ Novel Beings | | | twitter: @AliceWilby & @NovelBeings | instagram: @alicewilby

Hair and Make Up: Khandiz Joni @ Novel Beings | | | twitter: @khandizmukup & @NovelBeings | instagram: @khandiz

Nails: Moneet Heyer @ Novel Beings |

Photographic Assistant: Kate Westbrook | | twitter: @ifancykitkat | instagram: @ifancykitkat

Styling Assistant: Katharine Sneyd


Rina Sawayama at Anti-Agency | | twitter: @rinasawayama | instagram: @riinagram

Alex David at AMCK Models | | instagram: @alexandermdavid

Greta Danisova at Leni’s Models | | instagram: @gretadanisova