Fashion Question Time at the Houses of Parliament

By Fashion Revolution

9 years ago

Today it was announced that the owner of the Rana Plaza factory complex, along with 41 others, will be charged with murder. Although this tragedy has acted as a catalyst for change, change is a slow process in the fashion industry. All over the world, people are still suffering and our environment is still at risk as a direct result of our fashion supply chain.

A few months ago, Fashion Revolution worked with Mary Creagh, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, to put on Fashion Question Time in the Houses of Parliament in order to address some of the most pressing issues in the fashion industry.  From the human cost of fast fashion to reshoring British manufacturing, from the language of sustainability to the mind-set around consumption, questions were raised, viewpoints were challenged and solutions suggested.

Today, we have decided to release the podcast of the event to the public as we believe the discussions held that day are too valuable to be contained within that room, but should be, and will be, used as a Roadmap for governments, for brands, for educators, for everyone wanting to challenge the way in which the industry works.

Chaired by Lucy Siegle, the panel included key speakers from across the industry and beyond: Mary Creagh, Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Catarina Midby, Global Head of Sustainable Communications, H&M, Lily Cole, actress and writer, Jenny Holdcroft, Policy Director, IndustriALL Global Union, Dilys Williams, Head, Centre for Sustainable Fashion and Anas Sarwar, Shadow Minister for International Development.

Listen to the Fashion Question Time podcast:

Fashion Question Time podcast

Read the transcript of the audio from the event:

Transcript of Fashion Question Time audio

We hope that this will be a valuable resource and we look forward to further Fashion Question Time events within Parliament to help us to collectively shape a better fashion industry.