Photos of the daily lives of garment workers in India and Cambodia

By Fashion Revolution

12 months ago

An intimate look into the daily lives of women from the Garment Worker Diaries project in Cambodia and India.

Several women have given permission to share photos of their home life was part of a yearlong research study. We hope this helps the world better understand what it’s like to be a garment worker and inspires you to become an advocate for the people who make your clothes.



A garment worker sits with her cousins, styling each other’s hair.
One garment worker’s home in Ramangara, Bangalore.
A garment worker does all the household chores on her one day off each week.
In the evening, a garment worker counts up her household expenses, together with her sister, for the Garment Worker Diaries project


This woman, one of the workers in the Diaries project, lives in Kampong Speu Province, just outside Phnom Penh.
On her one day off each week, she cooks a big lunch, such as fish soup with rice and fruit relish.
She also does all the household chores.
On Sunday another garment worker chills at home and watches TV with her kids, just like everybody else!
Another worker stands in her kitchen area where she’s making a big feast.


This woman prepares a large pot of meat and vegetables at her home.

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The Garment Worker Diaries was a yearlong research project, led by MFO and supported by C&A Foundation, which is collecting data on the lives of garment workers in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and India. Fashion Revolution will use the findings from this project to advocate for changes in consumer and corporate behavior and policy changes that improve the living and working conditions of garment workers everywhere.