Meet the Maker: artisans in Swaziland

By Fashion Revolution

8 years ago

Celumusa Vilakati – Khokho leather artisan

“I am a self taught cobbler by trade, I joined Khokho in 2013 and am currently being trained to work with leather and construction of hand bags. My photos document being so natural. I depend on cultural things, sitting with the elders in my homestead to learn and respect values, to be a good man. Being responsible and a business man is important to me for example cultivating my own fields, doing a lot at home and my hand craft work.”

celumusa khokhoKhokho is a socially responsible accessories brand launching in 2014 with a collection of handmade handbags. Combining leather with hand woven textiles to create a contemporary signature aesthetic. Iconic, soulful and authentic; Khokho embraces equality, collaboration, creativity and empowerment. Working in collaboration with Swazi weavers each piece is hand made and combines leather with woven basketry.

Mbali Twitwi Mavuso – Imvelo Eswatini fastener

“It was fun and creative to take photos of my life outside of work and where I live, and show people my life.”

Imvelo is a Swaziland craft company making ceramic jewellery by hand, employing local per-urban women and creating beautiful accessories with soul.

Nolwazi Gama – Quazi Design jewellery maker

“I am from Edlangeni, a rural village a few kilometres from the capital city. I currently live in Eveni, in the suburbs of Mbabane, with my aunt. I am a sole-providing mother and before I got a job it was a difficult struggle for me, working here has changed my life. I am lucky to have a job that teaches me and supports me as a young woman.

I was overcome by peer pressure and I wanted to fit in so I did all the bad things my friends did. I was too young when I had a baby and now my son is the reason I wake up every day, raining or scorching, to come to work. I leant my lesson that some things in life can always wait.”

Nolwazi gama


Quazi Design is a cutting edge craft company that transforms waste magazines into original accessories and interiors. Through innovative techniques we believe in changing the perception of recycled materials and handcraft. Based in Swaziland, all our products are hand made by local women, empowering them through skill sharing and earning a sustainable permanent income. Promoting social responsibility and environmental awareness in design and everything we do, we create a new perspective on fair trade.