Fashion Revolution Lao Spirituality, brings awareness to Made-in-Lao.

By Areanna Handy

6 months ago

This fashion short film is made by Fashion Revolution Laos. Spirituality brings awareness to “Made-in-Lao ” fashion and accessories and the diverse artisans and designer stories in a visually impactful way. “Spirituality” not only showcases sustainable and eco-friendly fashion, but is also made from local Laotian film crew, LightFlare Productions, the first ever Lao production company to incorporate VFX in their films. From the staff that created this film (excluding the client), to the accessories and apparel, to the style of dance Fanglao, which is a mixture of Lao traditional dance, contemporary, and hip-hop.

Director Mr. Palinya Sayamoungkhoun states, “I think this film helps Lao people see more clearly about the community, not just fashion, not just film but everything about art. Because nowadays Lao people always think that People like us never surpass the skills and creativity like that. So this project should prove that it is not just foreign people who could provide such a massive impact to art community in Lao, but also Lao people itself”

Spirituality was crafted to celebrate Made-In-Lao products and traditions to help consumers to ask the question “Who Made My Clothes?”

Story Concept:

“Spirituality” is about a young Lao designer who is finishing her work. She is sewing a hand-spun, indigo dyed fabric in an open homely environment. When she turns on her music labeled “Revolution” she awakens her passion and spirit for dance, creativity, and pure self-expression of freedom. As her clothes alter colours, her personality and style of dance change. In Lao, traditional cultural dancing is changed based on the earthly elements. Therefore, when she is clothed in blue her dance style is wind and water and when she is in red she expresses fire movements. At the end, when the music tape ends, she stops dancing.


[youtube v=”SK7TfPg-1Jw”]