EFAISTO, the makers network

By Fashion Revolution

6 years ago

Their story began with a splendid white dress shirt made by a smiling tailor in an alley of Ho­Chi­Minh City, Vietnam. Beyond the singular experience of wearing bespoke garment for the first time, it is the direct purchase from its maker that was the trigger. “Each of us now wants products that answer one’s individual needs”, says Bernard, “I hate shopping malls and I love buying unique items. I am fascinated by nice objects and the stories behind them. That’s how the idea to create an ecommerce marketplace for custom­ made clothes and accessories handmade in South East Asia came out.”

For the Belgo-­French duo, Bernard Seys and Lou­Adrien Fabre., connecting consumers directly with makers creates better outcomes for everyone. As the sole vendors on efaisto.com, makers are in full control of their pricing. They receive up to 85% of what the customer pays, net of all fees.


As each item is made on demand, the makers do not have large production batches, minimum order quantities nor canevas to follow. By essence, each bespoke product has to be cut, sewn, dyed, engraved, polished or coated individually by human hands. Which results in a drastic reduction of waste or unsold products and an increased average lifetime of the product.



The buyers have the opportunity to get tailored clothes and custom­made accessories at a fair prices, and know who made them.