Basha Enterprises, Dhaka

By Fashion Revolution

10 years ago

On 24th April last year, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Savar, Bangladesh. While only miles away from Basha Enterprises, Basha’s working conditions could not be more different.

Basha Fashion Revolution 2014

Basha, a social business creating high quality, unique, hand made products, employs women at risk and survivors of trafficking. Basha’s premises are safe and comfortable. Artisans earn a living wage and receive medical benefits. Artisans participate in training one hour per day, giving them opportunities to improve their literacy, gain confidence, and to have expanded opportunities.

All employees are involved in decision making and given a voice. Children attend day care on the premises, preparing for school, or receiving tutoring or financial support to attend local or boarding schools. Everyone has opportunities to take on new roles, to be promoted, to help develop new products.

We emphasize that Basha belongs to all of us, that we are all important and will work to build a bright future together. Basha artisans know their creations go around the world, and they smile proudly when they receive feedback from someone in a distant country who loves their Basha product and lets us know.

IMG_1211In an area surrounded by garment factories where conditions are often very different, we at Basha long for a day when consumers will demand products that were made in safe conditions, and where everyone received fair remuneration for work well done.

Let’s all take time on this anniversary of such a horrific event to ask #whomadeyourclothes (and blankets!) and say a resounding thank you.