Zine: call for submissions!

By Fashion Revolution

5 years ago

Are you an illustrator, writer, photographer, poet or artist?

We are looking for submissions for a new Fashion Revolution zine, launching this December!

The theme for our first issue is ‘Money Fashion Power’, which will be exploring the flows of money and structures of power across the fashion supply chain.

This is a non-profit fanzine, which supports the Fashion Revolution movement and the launch of our new campaign ‘Money Fashion Power’. Proceeds from the fanzine will help us continue to grow our movement and keep on pushing for positive change.  For more information about what your money goes towards, please visit: https://www.fashionrevolution.org/donations/launch-sept-2016/



You can interpret this in any way you like. Some possible ideas to explore are:

  • Create some Fashion Revolution propaganda! Make it bold, provocative and positively inspiring
  • Explore the imbalance of power or money in the fashion industry through poetry, doodles or illustrations
  • Envision what the aesthetics of power look like across the fashion industry
  • What is the power of your fashion purchase?
  • When you buy a piece of fashion, where do you think your money is going? Who or what is it paying, how much?
  • Where would you like your money to go?
  • Should we pay more for clothing? What would it look like it we did?
  • What is the relationship between the person who buys fashion and the person who makes it? And what about all the other people and companies in the middle, what’s their role look like to you?
  • Why do you think some people are paid so much and some people are paid so little in the fashion industry?
  • What kind of power do you think you have in making a positive change? What about others – producers, governments, brands or others?

We are particularly interested in submissions that are inspired by or focus on Bangladesh, Cambodia and/or India.

Submit your pieces for consideration to photofashionrevolution.org by October 16th 2016. Maximum 400 words for written pieces. Images must be high resolution (300dpi). Please email with your full name, and a website or instagram link for crediting the work, along with any necessary caption information.

Chosen work will notified late October.