Zine #002: Call for submissions!

By Fashion Revolution

7 years ago

Are you an illustrator, writer, photographer, poet or artist?

Submissions are now open for the second edition Fashion Revolution zine, launching in October 2017!

The theme for our second issue is ‘Loved Clothes Last, which will be exploring the issue of waste in the fashion industry. We want to inspire our readers to buy less, care more, and know how to make the clothes they love last for longer.

This is a non-profit fanzine, which supports the Fashion Revolution movement. Proceeds from the fanzine will help us continue to grow our movement and keep on pushing for positive change.



We encourage all sorts of interpretations. Get creative! Here’s some possible ideas or questions to explore:

  • Send us your doodles, photographs, writing and art around the issue of waste in the fashion industry. Read Greenpeace’s report ‘Timeout for Fast Fashion’ to learn more about the issue of waste in the fashion industry.
  • Write a poem or create an image that explores the impacts of mass production and consumption of clothing.
  • Create some Fashion Revolution propaganda! Inspire people to buy less, choose quality and make clothes last. Make it bold, provocative and positively inspiring.
  • Create a Love Story about an item of clothing you cherish and will never throw away. Your love story could be a poem, illustration, or photograph.
  • “Broken is beautiful” Share the story about an item of clothing that you’ve worn to the point that others may see it as damaged or broken, but that you love and will cherish forever – for example, a pair of very worn-in jeans that are so soft and fit so perfectly; or a favourite sweater that’s fraying at the sleeves. You could write poem or short story, take a photograph or illustrate the piece of clothing, a beautifully mended tear or a patched up hole.
  • Explore a history where people made clothes last – for example, the poetic stitching of boro fabric, the quilting of old scraps of cotton into heirlooms, the repurposing of old garments into something else, or special vintage pieces that have been passed down for generations.
  • Photographs of where waste occurs throughout the fashion industry – e.g. at a textile recycling unit, the second-hand garment trade that spans the globe, waste on the factory cutting floor, slashed and burned unsold clothing, clothes that have been carelessly left behind, clothes on a charity shop rail, and so on.
  • How will fashion’s throwaway culture become a thing of the past?
  • What does the future of fashion waste look like? Let your imagination go wild; think utopian/dystopian.
  • Do you know someone who is championing solutions around waste in the fashion industry? We’re looking for waste innovators, researchers, academics, designers and materials technicians. Tell us about them and nominate them to feature in our zine!


Submit your pieces for consideration to photofashionrevolution.org by July 8th. Maximum 800 words for written pieces. Images must be high resolution (300dpi at A4). Please email with your full name, and a website or Instagram link for crediting the work, along with any necessary caption information. All works submitted must be your own original work. Chosen work will be notified in August.