VegFest Pilipinas ReWork Runway

By George Buid

3 months ago

The Philippines’ longest-running vegan festival, Vegfest Pilipinas, recently celebrated its eighth year with a special event: the ReWork Runway. This eco-vegan fashion show showcased five collections of sustainable and ethical fashion, demonstrating the creativity and innovation that can be found in the world of plant-based clothing.

Why Vegan Fashion?

The fashion industry is a major contributor to environmental pollution, using vast amounts of water and chemicals to produce fabrics and dyes. It is responsible for the exploitation of animals, with leather and other animal by-products being used in clothing. Vegan fashion offers a more sustainable and ethical alternative, using plant-based materials and avoiding the use of animal products. It is a growing trend, with more and more people becoming aware of the environmental and ethical impact of their clothing choices.

The ReWork Runway

The ReWork Runway featured five collections from a variety of designers and brands:

Irene Grace Subang: A fashion designer and teacher who advocates upcycling. Subang’s collection showed how old denim and textile scraps can be combined to create new and exciting pieces. One of her eye-catching piece has a book leaf design on the right shoulder matched with the pinwheels patterns.


Re.Clothing: A brand that embroiders and redesigns unwanted clothes to give them new life. The embroidery makes the clothes more personal for the wearer.


TelaStory Collective: A brand that manufactures and sells garments that set a good living wage of their female artisans. Their clothing collection shows simplicity inspired from a checker design.


ProjectPH: A brand that uses repurposed white flour sacks to create modern and stylish clothing. This practice dates back in late 1800s but trend went further in the 1929 Great Depression when women repurposed these while flour sacks into clothing.


● Euphoria: Ella Alacron‘s collection, a designer whose collection showcased the versatility of denim. Alacron reveals her better woman in redesigning used denim to show more skin.


A special participation from Leby Le Moria. Her handwoven modular piece from off-cut fabric presented from the start of the runway.

A Celebration of Creativity and Sustainability The ReWork Runway was a resounding success, demonstrating the potential of vegan fashion to be both stylish and sustainable. The collections showcased a variety of innovative designs and techniques, proving that there is no need to sacrifice style for sustainability. The event helped to raise awareness of the importance of ethical fashion choices. By highlighting the environmental and ethical impact of the fashion industry, the ReWork Runway encouraged attendees to make more conscious choices about the clothes they wear.

The Final thought

The ReWork Runway was a powerful event that celebrated the creativity and sustainability of vegan fashion. It showed that there is a growing movement of designers and brands who are committed to creating stylish and ethical clothing. As more and more people become aware of the importance of sustainable fashion, we can expect to see even more innovative and exciting designs in the years to come.