By Patrick Duffy

2 years ago

This Black Friday, Fashion Revolution is asking our community to abstain from discounts that drive overconsumption. But we aren’t the only ones that recognise the bad news about big blowout sales. Below, Patrick Duffy shares the joint campaign between Global Fashion Exchange and Eco Age to #takebackblackfriday.

It’s that time of year again when we get pressured by retailers and brands to spend more, consume more and actually create a negative impact on the planet. Black Friday is one of the biggest sales days of the year, fuelling the fire for mindless consumption and tempting us with sales. Much of this is for items that are already ridiculously low cost to the consumer, which means that someone (actually many “someones”), somewhere is paying the price tag for our consumption habits. Of course, these are habits that have been ingrained in our society, and when the day comes we act like pavlovian puppies hungry for the few frilly frocks.

Now, trust me, I get it. I really, really do! I DO love a good deal, and I also love to play dress up and hunt for a bargain BUT I also know that there are alternatives and that we can TAKE BACK the day that has turned us hungry, pushy, sweaty, ruthless and desperate to get a deal. Well, my friends, there ARE alternatives and the #takebackblackfriday campaign has something for everyone!  Our goal is to generate a positive impact through a global awareness campaign, educating consumers about the senseless waste generated by a day that actively promotes overconsumption. Everyone is welcome to participate and the more the better!



During the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, join a community of inspiring planet warriors around the world and use the powerful medium of social media for good. We are encouraging people everywhere to post and share their individual acts of circularity and sustainability, featuring healthy habits of consumption rather than buying into a destructive system.

Think of it like this, you and your friends already have incredible items that can fuel those Black Friday vibes but in a very positive way that is actually good for people and planet! For instance, how about hosting or attending a clothing swap? Get your friends together and host a little get together where you can swap items, share stories and since it’s the holiday season, sip something spirited and sustainable!

Imagine the impact we can make if we stopped the destructive habit and changed the way we consume.  According to the National Retail Federation, an estimated 164 million people in the US plan to go shopping between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday this season. Much of this what they’ll buy is for just a season or two and then discarded. Those cheap holiday outfits, or even worse, buying fashion that is designed to fall apart after a few wears contributing what the average U.S. resident throws away, 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles, every single year (Council for Textile Recycling).

Can you do it? The answer is YES! Can we make a positive impact and show the brands who’s boss? YES! Can we also have fun and look cute while doing it? YES!  Can you include all your friends and fellow Fashion Revolution-istas? YES! That’s the best part!

But how? With the toolkit! 

  1. Download the toolkit here.
  2. Post and tag @ecoage@globalfashionexhangeusing #TakeBlackBlackFriday
  3. If you are hosting an event, click hereto be included on the GFX hub.


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