Join the Small but Perfectly Formed network

Systemic change within the fashion industry will come not from any one place, but through collaboration, education and innovation within the SME ecosystem.


How will it work?

We are partnering with Common Objective (CO), the online community dedicated to doing fashion better, to support our partners and the participants in this programme to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate. Over the course of the project, we will work with CO to support matching, sharing, collaboration, and access to tools.

You can join CO free of charge to access a network of 45,000 members committed to fashion and sustainability, get matched with tools, buyers, suppliers, and experts, promote what you do, and connect and message anyone on the site.

Part of the Small But Perfect Hub on CO, Circles will allow SMEs from around the world to connect, collaborate, and share resources.

The Small but Perfectly Formed network will support the to transition towards more sustainable and circular models in the fashion industry by:


Matchmaking fashion SMEs, businesses and business support organisations across the COSME region to create transnational partnerships and collaboration.


Creating accessible, shareable solutions in open source toolkits and resources.


Sharing knowledge, insights and case studies generated by the project.


Hosting online and offline events exploring topics including circularity and regeneration, purpose-led business models and materials in transition.

Why Join?

We believe that in the smallest places, we can often find the most innovative solutions. We don’t have to rely on big business for systemic change in the fashion industry. Impactful, lasting change within the fashion industry can only be achieved through an industry-wide shift from building business models based upon growth, to creating a fairer, more equitable industry that puts sustainability at its core.

The Small but Perfectly Formed network will facilitate cross-border collaboration which supports the transfer of knowledge, skills, support and best practice. Members will access a vast library of tools and resources, plus workshops, networking, mentoring and more to level up sustainable and circular business models.

As a member of the Small but Perfectly Formed network you will get

  • Access to a network of like-minded sustainable businesses from across the fashion supply chain, from farm to factory and from retail to recycling.

  • Access to a resource library including reports, toolkits, videos and other materials to showcase best practices for SMEs.

  • Invitations to digital events that facilitate networking across borders and highlight case studies of successful circular business models.

  • First access to training credits to help you level up your small business in a sustainable way using tried and tested tactics.

Who can join?

Any organisation or individual who plays a part in the fashion SME ecosystem and is motivated to transition to a more circular and sustainable industry.


Designers and brands, producers, suppliers, fashion technology and innovation companies, service providers e.g. repair, customisation and care, fashion communications and media companies, textile recycling and waste management initiatives, secondary markets e.g. second-hand clothing retailers.

The wider ecosystem

Fashion councils, fashion associations, fashion weeks, incubators and accelerators across fashion and the creative industries, creative hubs and innovation labs, community platforms and activist movements, fashion media, local and national governments and policymakers.

How do I join?