Fashion Revolution’s inaugural zine ‘Money Fashion Power’ is now available as a ‘pay what you can’ digital download.

Through 72-pages of poetry, illustration, photography, graphic design and editorial, this collectible zine explores the hidden stories behind your clothing, what the price you pay for fashion means, and how your purchasing power can make a positive difference.

Our exciting list of contributors includes: artist Tyler Spangler, illustrator Alex Jenkins, illustrator and printmaker Alec Doherty, embroiderers Cléa Lala and Reena Makwana illustrator and animator Rozalina Burkova, fashion illustrator Elyse Blackshaw, artist Chrissie Abbott, the Craftivist Collective, fashion features director Tamsin Blanchard, and many submissions from the Fashion Revolution community across the world.

This zine also introduces readers to the GARMENT WORKER DIARIES, a yearlong research project led by Microfinance Opportunities about the lives and wages of hundreds of garment workers in Cambodia, Bangladesh and India.


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