Philippines pushes for a circular wardrobe during Fashion Revolution Week

By George Buid

1 year ago

Manila, Philippines – The Fashion Revolution Philippines commemorates the victims of the Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, in alignment with the Fashion Revolution week held globally. The Rana Plaza factory collapse killed 1,138 textile workers and injured more people became an eye-opener to the world on 24 April 2013. The incident drove the Fashion Revolution movement to push for labor rights transparency and sustainability in the fashion world.


Hasia Yeo holds a placard “Who made my clothes” in front of a mirror where dates of Fashion Revolution movement for 10 years. Photo by George Buid.
Tere Arigo takes a selfie with 2 partipants on a Fashion Revolution mirror. Photo by Tere Arigo.


The Fashion Revolution Philippines’ first in-person event held for two days since the pandemic started. The two-day event happened in Moda Laya in commemoration of the 10 anniversary after Rana Plaza disaster. Attendees participated in activities such as clothes swapping, panel discussion with the experts and the screen showing of two documentary films.


Participants watch a film docu from Guatemala. Photo by Tere Arigo.


The “Se Abrió Paca,” a film made by the Fashion Revolution Guatemala, gave a heartfelt discussion among its viewers just after it was shown with the “True Costs” documentary and the power outage on the first day. Activities on the next day went well with the clothes swapping and panel discussion. Prince Ventura leads the panel discussion with Bianca Gregorio, owner of Moda Laya and founder of Re-clothing, Irene Subang, sustainable fashion designer and educator, and Jamie Naval, founder and CEO of Twenty Kids and Barrio Studios. Our guest experts discussed that the society today needs to focus on the importance of sustainable practices and a circular wardrobe.


Panels L-R: Prince Ventura, Jamie Naval, Bianca Gregorio, Irene Subang
Participants have fun clothes swapping as they find the right style. Photo by George Buid.
A full house of participants on the first in-person event for Fashion Revolution Week. Photo by George Buid.