24 New Year’s Fashion Resolutions for 2024

By Fashion Revolution

4 months ago

The new year is a great time to set personal goals, reflect on the changes you want to make in your life and commit to making a positive impact on your wellbeing, the environment and your community. We may not be able to solve fashion’s BIG problems on our own. But every small step matters. Whether you want to transform your own shopping habits, learn some practical skills or take part in local community action, below you can find 24 ideas for fashion resolutions to set for 2024.


 1. Learn to sew

Have you always wanted to make your own clothes? Now is the time to learn! Making your own clothes has many benefits; you form a connection with the item meaning you’re more likely to care for it properly and keep it for longer, you engage in slow fashion by making something to last and avoiding microtrends, and you gain a deeper understanding of how clothes are made which helps you value them more. 


2. Enrol on our online course

Want to learn more about sustainability and fashion, but aren’t sure where to start? Our free online course with Future Learn is the perfect introduction to sustainable fashion. You can enrol in the free 4 week course here.



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3. Learn basic mending and repair techniques

Basic mending skills go a long way to help you make the clothes you love last that bit longer. In our culture of disposability, repairing our clothes is a revolutionary act; say no to throw away fashion this year and learn to mend!


4. Care for your clothes properly

Do you find yourself shrinking your favourite jumper or fading your graphic t-shirts? Make a conscious effort this year to learn how to care for your clothes properly. Always read the care label before washing your clothes and take time to follow the recommendations given – your clothes will thank you for it! 


5. Join your local Fashion Revolution team

Are you looking for a community of like-minded people to collectively take action with, to transform the fashion industry? Your local Fashion Revolution team is a great place to start! With teams in over 75 countries worldwide, you can connect with the movement wherever you are. Find your local country team here.

Can’t find a team in your area? Get in touch to express your interest in forming a voluntary team in your local community.


6. Challenge yourself to only buy second hand items this year

Shopping second hand is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact and keep pre-loved clothes in circulation for longer. Platforms like Vinted, Depop and Ebay make it easier than ever to refresh your wardrobe in a more sustainable way. This year, challenge yourself to embrace thrifting and only buy second hand items. You’ll be surprised at the hidden gems you can find in a charity shop!


7. Support or join a grassroots organisation

Want to really make an impact in 2024? Look out for local volunteer opportunities with grassroots organisations working on the ground to improve the conditions for the people who make our clothes.

Key organisations to support.


8. Learn how to knit or crochet

Pick up a new skill and learn to knit or crochet this year. Like sewing your own clothes, engaging with crafts like knitting and crochet helps build a closer connection to your wardrobe and makes you appreciate the time and skill that goes into making uour favourite knitwear. From jumpers, skirts and dresses to handbags, hats and scarves, the options for a new creative project are endless!


9. Read a book on sustainable fashion

Reading more books is a common New Year’s resolution, so why not add a book on sustainable fashion to your 2024 reading list? Some recommendations from the Fashion Revolution team include:

The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion by Tansy Hoskins

Consumed by Aja Barber

Worn by Sophie Thanhauser


10. Shop from your own wardrobe first

Do you want to try and curb your consumption? Make it a habit to shop from your own wardrobe before you go out and buy anything new (or new to you!). Regularly reminding yourself of what you already own can help prevent unnecessary purchases. Get creative and experiment with what you have. Remember: the most sustainable garment is the one already in your wardrobe. 


11. Prioritise longevity and invest in timeless pieces

When you absolutely have to buy something brand new, prioritise longevity and invest in timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. Before clicking checkout, be honest and ask yourself if the item you’re buying aligns with your personal style or if it’s just a microtrend. Only buy something you can see yourself wearing time and time again, for years to come.


12. Stop giving in to impulse buys

Do you often find yourself splurging on trendy new items that soon lose their sparkle and end up discarded at the back of your wardrobe? You might be impulse shopping. It’s a tricky habit to break but there are ways to manage it: Always give yourself at least 24 hours to think about a purchase before you commit to buying it and unsubscribe from brand emails to avoid marketing tactics that create a false sense of urgency.


13. Try a no new clothes challenge 

If you really want to challenge yourself in 2024, try to avoid buying any clothes at all! Many people already own more than enough clothes, with the majority of them hardly ever being worn. WRAP found that the average UK adult has 118 items of clothing in their wardrobes – 26% of which were unworn for at least a year. 




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14. Do a closet audit & clear out consciously

Starting the new year with a closet audit is a great way to take stock of what you already own and bring old pieces back into circulation. Making a note of what’s hidden in your wardrobe can help you shop more consciously, ensuring new pieces pair with existing items and avoiding duplicates. If you do decide to dispose of any items, please do so responsibly. 


15. Become a proud outfit repeater

Your clothes deserve to be worn more than once! Banish the stigma and become a proud outfit repeater. When you put together an outfit that makes you feel great, snap a photo to refer back to. Soon you’ll have a catalogue of your favourite fits and you’ll never again be left with “nothing to wear”!


16. Normalise borrowing clothes from friends and family

Practise circular fashion principles this year and borrow clothes from your friends and family members. Next time you need a new outfit for an event or special occasion, see if your friends can lend a hand before hitting the shops. This can be especially helpful if you’re participating in a no new clothes challenge – just remember to ask first…


17. Give rental a try

Continuing the theme of circular solutions, try renting! Renting clothes is a great way to experiment with new styles and impress at special occasions without breaking the bank. As renting gains popularity, there are plenty of platforms to explore, including; By Rotation, Hurr and Wear My Wardrobe Out.


18. Support garment workers by signing petitions and donating to organisations on the ground

Show up for the people who make our clothes by engaging with campaigns that are fighting for fair pay and better working conditions. Stand in solidarity by signing petitions, spreading the word on social media and donating to organisations on the ground.



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19. Hold brands accountable by using social media and email

Engage in online activism and hold brands accountable by asking questions like #WhoMadeMyClothes and #WhatsInMyClothes. It’s bad business for brands to ignore their customers, so make your voice heard and demand better in 2024!


20. Talk to friends and family members about sustainable fashion

At Fashion Revolution we believe that change starts with a conversation. One of the simplest ways we can begin to transform the fashion system is by talking to our friends and family members about sustainable fashion. Talking about the issues you care about can help raise awareness and inspire the people in your life to take action with you. 


21. Support small businesses and buy from sustainable, ethical brands

When buying something new, take your time to discover small businesses you may not have heard of before and look for brands that are committed to sustainable, ethical production. By supporting independent businesses, you are investing in communities rather than corporations, and contributing to a fair fashion system. 

On the lookout for ethical fashion brands? Good On You’s brand directory can help you make more informed choices.  


22. Wash your clothes less

Did you know that most people are washing their clothes way too often? For example, it’s recommended to wash your jeans after every 10 wears; however, the average UK consumer washes their pair after just 2.5 wears. Overwashing our clothes not only has an impact on the environment (high energy and water usage), it also impacts our clothes too by wearing down the fabric too quickly and reducing their lifespan. 


23. Stop buying single use items

Fancy dress and flashy festival clothes are lots of fun, but unfortunately most of these garments are made of polyester and are destined to end up in landfill after the main event. Before buying something you expect you’ll only wear once, try and think of a sustainable alternative; could you find this item secondhand? Maybe a friend has something similar you could borrow? Can you make do with what you already own?


24. Sign our Manifesto!

Join over 15,000 other fashion revolutionaries as we collectively fight for a fair, safe, clean, transparent and accountable fashion industry in 2024 and beyond. Start the new year by committing to our vision of a fashion industry that values people and planet over profit by signing our Manifesto.



Header photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash