#LovedClothesLast: Tales from our Wardrobes

By Nicole K

1 month ago

This is a guest blog post by Nicole K, CEO of Storey, an automated platform for managing your wardrobe.

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The #LovedClothesLast campaign really resonates with me. I have a lot of clothes that I love, and which I’ve had for a really long time – some might say too long – but I’m starting to feel less guilty about holding onto them, especially as they have usually been pre-loved by someone else.

One example is my wedding dress. I purchased it second-hand almost by chance. I was browsing Facebook and saw a wedding photo of a bride looking completely magnificent in a Lihi Hod gown (which normally sells for tens of thousands) and fell in love. She looked cool-girl chic with gelled-back hair, and the dress anchored everything with a perfect Audrey Hepburn vibe.

The original owner of my wedding dress


I messaged her on the off-chance she might part with the dress, and luckily she was open to my offer – the only snag was that she lived all the way in Israel. But we sent messages back and forth for a few weeks and figured out a way to ship the dress, and soon I was wearing my preloved – and affordable – designer masterpiece down the aisle, adding slightly different styling for my English countryside wedding. 


I am still deeply in love with this dress, but open to passing it on to the next lucky owner.


It’s experiences like this that really inspired me to create Storey. The concept of cherished items changing multiple hands really sits at the heart of it. And it’s reflected in the name, which is a play on being a place to store your items, as well as telling their story, helping people to negotiate resale while knowing not just the retail value but also the personal value of the item.  

The average piece of clothing loses monetary value as soon as someone brings it home, but there are those pieces that are special enough to be treated with care no matter how many owners they’ve had. Here are some of our members telling their favourite wardrobe stories, and how they came to love them.

Mollie’s Story

“My baby Prada bag! I bought this bag at the very first Prada store, in Milan when I was 16 and travelling abroad in Italy with my family. I brought this bag to prom in high school, and to every formal event, since. It’s such a great way to add a pop of colour to a neutral look. I saw an influencer I follow with a similar bag attached a chain strap to hers, to bring the bag to today and make it more wearable. I did the same. I love how it now feels very of-the-moment, but I’ve had it for over a decade. ” 


Carmen’s Story

I love my denim jacket! I was on the hunt for a perfectly oversized, vintage (or vintage-inspired) jacket with ample pockets to no avail. One day I was visiting my parents and came across a well-worn, soft, light denim gap jacket in their hall closet. My mom was like, ‘oh wow, I haven’t worn that in 25 years,’ and let me have it. It’s a staple in my wardrobe now.”

Onia’s Story

“I bought this vintage shoulder purse off Depop. This was one of my favourite purchases, because I wear it almost every time I go out. It’s so easy to wear this purse with any outfit because it’s so neutral and classic. This purse is super on-trend, it is a cream, natural colour, the exterior is a canvas-like fabric with leather details, and a little bit of hardware.”


Jackie’s Story

“One Sunday, I came across a strange vintage T-shirt that I instantly liked, and later obsessed over. With seemingly MS-paint style artwork depicting the Sun and four planets from our Solar System, the piece appeared handmade as a promotional item for some event in the ’90s.

What was it? Why was it? Would I ever know? As the fabric of the shirt starts to tissue and hole, its origin remains a mystery—however, its legacy will live on in a sci-fi novel I’m writing where this strange, old piece of clothing is the key to everything.”


Kaylah’s Story

“When I was 17, my dad bought me a Lucky Brand denim jacket for Christmas. To this day, it’s one of my favourite pieces that I’ve ever owned. Not only because it came from someone special, but also because of its ability to elevate any outfit I put together. No matter what combination I have on underneath (dress, jeans and a t-shirt, or sweats), the dark wash piece with clover embossed buttons unlocks a confidence within myself like nothing else in my wardrobe. I like to think that that’s what my dad had in mind when he purchased it, but it could also be because he was tired of me ‘borrowing’ his Lucky jacket.”



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