Good On You, Emma Watson!

By Fashion Revolution

4 years ago

Great news from Good On You, the app that rates clothing brands for their impact on the environment, labour rights and animal protection. The app is now available worldwide and to celebrate, actor and activist Emma Watson is supporting Good On You as the benchmark for how she shops. “I support Good On You because I need to know my clothes do not harm our precious planet or its people,” she said.

Ms Watson’s support of the ethical fashion movement is long-standing. With a following of 50M on Instagram, her influence has immense power. Back in 2009, she began a collaboration with Fair Trade pioneer People Tree to make a collection for women like her who were keen to find clothes with people and planet in mind. She has even taken her ethical stance to the screen, working with the costume designer Jacqueline Durran and Eco Age to create recycled and sustainably sourced costumes for the 2017 Disney film, Beauty and the Beast. She went on to wear a Calvin Klein dress made from Newlife yarn made from recycled plastic bottles to the Met Gala Ball for the opening of Manus x Machina in 2016.

So we know that Emma Watson really does follow the Fashion Revolution mantra “Be curious, find out, do something.”

The Good On You app was launched in 2015 in Sydney by Sandra Copponi and Gordon Renouf and has been expanding its remit ever since, taking in USA and Canada in 2017 and Europe in June 2018. It is now available worldwide. It is the largest consumer facing database of brands. They are guided in everything they do by UN Sustainable Development Goal 12: “Ensure sustainable production and consumption patterns”. Fashion Revolution has played a major role in their methodology, along with other partners including The Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Fashion for Good.

You may already be familiar with the app. At a glance, shoppers have access to information on over 2,000 brands and their performance in different areas to empower you – as you shop – to make more informed decisions about what you are buying in terms of people, planet and animals. Brands are given an overall score out of five. 200,000 people around the world access the app every month, using five easy-to-understand ratings – ‘We Avoid’,’Not Good Enough’,’It’s A Start’,’Good’ and ‘Great’.

Good On You co-founder Sandra Capponi says there’s increasing awareness about fashion’s impact on the planet and huge momentum building behind the movement to clean it up. “We’re thrilled about Ms Watson’s support for Good On You. She’s a fantastic role model, and her support of sustainable and ethical fashion will help ensure it becomes the norm and not the exception,” she said.

“We know fashion is polluting, we know it’s wasteful and we know labour and animal rights abuses are rife throughout the industry. But things are changing. There are more and more amazing, creative, innovative brands that put sustainability at the heart of everything they do, and they should be celebrated. “

The Good On You app is available worldwide on Android and iOS