Fashion Upcyling Tunisia

By Fashion Revolution Tunisia

8 months ago

This year the Fashion Revolution Tunisia team organised Fashion Upcycling Tunisia at the Sector Center for Clothing Training – Monastir (CSFH) between April – June 2019. The trainers Ms. Ahlem Doudech, Mrs. Wafa Lachaal, Mr. Riadh Doudech and Mr. Ali Ben Ali worked with students to experiment with creative approaches and techniques in eco-design including : zero-waste, upcycling & reconstruction. In order to create a ‘Fashion Upcycling shifted dress’ inspired by the theme ‘Tunisian traditional costume from different cities in Tunisia’.






To support the creation of their Fashion Upcycling Tunisia collections, the DEMCO group donated textile waste and seconds to the students. They also worked with some trainees to produce their collections in the DEMCO factory.






The trainees successfully presented Fashion Upcycling Tunisia collections which draw inspiration from the historical richness of the Tunisian traditional dress bringing sustainable design techniques together with motifs from Tunisian costume from different cities of Tunisia.

On October 10, 2019,  the trainees presented their work at the Mahdia Museum and received a ‘Eco-Designer’ certificate of achievement at a reception. This was awarded by the project partners: National Institute of Heritage (INP), the Sectorial Center of Training in Monastir Clothing (CSFH), IZEM, DEMCO, and the British Council Tunisia.

The traveling exhibition Fashion Upcycling Tunisia travel to Mahdia, Moknine, Monastir, Sousse and will end in the city of Kairouan on March 30, 2020 as part of the National Day of Handicrafts and Traditional Dress.











Fashion Revolution Tunisia would like to thank our partners the National Institute of Heritage (INP), the Sector Center for Clothing Training of Monastir (CSFH), IZEM, DEMCO, Fashion Revolution (UK) & British Council for their help, their generosity and to have accompanied us in the success of this magnificent project Fashion Upcycling Tunisia.