Fashion Revolution Climate Emergency Measures

By Fashion Revolution

12 months ago

While we support the urgent actions of our friends at Extinction Rebellion, Fashion Revolution does not advocate boycotting brands. There are many ways to campaign and we welcome differences of approach. As a solutions-based campaign, we are conscious of how our actions as consumers effect the lives of the people who make our clothes. Fashion can provide independence and an income, particularly for young women in developing countries. We continue to focus our efforts on campaigning for a more transparent supply chain and supporting the garment workers and unions in striving for better pay and working conditions.

We are also highlighting that we are in the midst of a climate emergency, and we urge citizens to remember that Loved Clothes Last and to limit our consumption, buy better, buy less. We entreat brands to look at their waste and production levels and create new systems making use of existing textiles and their own deadstock.

Heather Knight

We advocate that everyone should buy less, buy second hand, wear your clothes longer and if buying new then to support young and sustainably minded and Fairtrade designers/brands – but if you do shop on the high street, then ask those powerful questions like #whomademyclothes because it lets those brands know their customers care and expect better.

We have a whole range of resources and ways in which to enjoy clothes without adding to the impact on the world’s resources. Check out our Emergency Measures to find out ways to make creative use of our existing clothes and textiles.

Heather Knight
Heather Knight