Fashion Open Studio x State of Fashion Biennial 2022

By Fashion Revolution

1 month ago

Fashion Revolution is delighted to announce that our showcasing initiative Fashion Open Studio will be co-curating the 2022 edition of the State of Fashion biennial in Arnhem with NOT____ENOUGH collective, three South-American critical fashion practitioners who explore the roles of oppressor and oppressed in fashion.

The two teams will create a common curatorial framework for the biennial and will organize coinciding programs, that include exhibitions and public events. Coexistence, Exercising, Reparation, Healing, Journey and Change are some of the keywords that the new curatorial team used to introduce their vision to the world in an online press event yesterday.

“These words are the start of an active exchange, between us ánd between us and the audience. Our aim is to move away from the biennial as an isolated event, and to approach it as an ongoing public exercise in which everyone should have a role,” says the team of Fashion Open Studio.  We are excited to be working with the members of NOT____ENOUGH collective who ask “How can we subvert the practices of exhibiting, curating and selecting in this biennial? How do we go beyond talking about it to practicing it? What does it look like, what does it feel like? We are opening up our process from the start, as we want people to experience this with us,”

The teams were selected as part of an open call resulting in 118 applications from 31 different countries. We are extremely proud to have been chosen with the support of State of Fashion’s international Creative Advisory Council , consisting of Omoyemi Akerele, Otto von Busch, Carla Fernández, Hakan Karaosman, Aditi Mayer and Amanda Pinatih.

It is the first time the biennial has been curated by a team; there will be an open and collaborative approach to the curatorial process with the aim of including as many voices and perspectives as possible to challenge the dominant culture of the mainstream fashion industry.

The theme of the biennial will be announced in June 2021, during the annual Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem.

Check out the recent This Was an Intervention an online exhibition which is the culmination of the recent programme at State of Fashion.

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