Europe’s biggest showcase for pioneering sustainable fabrics and textiles.

By Fashion Revolution

1 year ago

2019 is proclaimed to be ‘the year of sustainability’ and what better way to kick it off than with the Sustainable Angle’s Future Fashion Expo.

January the 24th and 25th Victoria House will host the Expo’s biggest edition ever. Filling the 22,000 sq ft venue with thousands of innovative materials each labelled with sustainability information, environmental certifications and supplier details.

As well as showcasing the future of fashion and textile materials the expo features supply chain stories, from materials sourcing to product realisation.

Held by the Sustainable Angle the Future Fashion Expo is Europe’s biggest showcase for sustainable materials in the fashion and textile industry.

The aim of the platform is to allow visitors to discover more sustainable textile alternatives, learn not only about the fabrics, but the mills and manufacturers creating them. Allowing designers and buyers to make more informed choices when sourcing fabrics, whilst bringing together people from every step of the design process in order to extend their network, and their capacity to create positive changes within the industry.

This year the exhibition will include an innovation hub that allows you to explore pioneering fabrics such as leather alternatives made from agricultural food waste and Brazilian plant leaf catering for the rising trend in vegan fashion. Incredibly engineered spider silk and biodegradable dye pigments produced from bacteria. On top of these learn about sequins made from recycled PET bottles and compostable glitter, the solutions to the increasing impact of festival fancy dress.

These are a few examples of the next generation innovations that have great potential to re-shape the fashion industry.

Alongside the exhibition the Future Fashion Expo run seminars and discussions between industry leaders. Topics will include the realities of producing materials in China, circular fashion in practice from the perspective of a supplier and the microplastics problem in fashion. We are particularly excited to see our very own Orsola de Castro, Fashion Revolution in conversation with Claire Bergkamp, Head of Ethical Trade at Stella McCartney.

Register for the 8th Future Fashion Expo here.