Deforestation is a threat to rainforests in Madagascar as well as other regions globally…

By Herizo Robin

4 months ago

We must hold corporations to account to make their hidden supply chains transparent.

While the world’s attention has been drawn to the slash and burn practices causing massive deforestation of the Amazon, Fashion Revolution’s global network raises the alarm bells for the protected rainforests of other regions, in particular Madagascar, where over grazing and ranching are rife in the six national parks which make up the Rainforests of Atsinanana in eastern Madagascar.

These rainforests have been inscribed in the World Heritage List since 2007 “for their importance to both ecological and biological processes as well as their biodiversity and the threatened species they support. Many species are rare and threatened especially primates and lemurs”. (Unesco World Heritage Centre). Since 2010 they have also been inscribed on the World Heritage list of threatened species.

Madagascan forest is vulnerable. The strong wood energy consumption and migration are the causes. According to General Director of the forest, 91% of the wood is used for energy. 70% of the population is currently using wood as a source of energy. The rate of clearing the forest registered by the Ministry of Environment, ecology and forests is equivalent to about 80%

Migration is one of the causes of deforestation. Some people move to find shelter and survival in the forest. Others move from forest to forest, causing its degradation

The mass deforestation happening in the Amazon is occurring in Madagascar too. Fashion Revolution Madagascar’s country coordinator Herizo Robin, highlights the issues:

“While the current situation is alarming, we must think of concrete goals for a better future. For over 40 years scientists have been warning us of the devastating impact of our human activities on the environment. With the disaster of the Amazon, it is time now, more than ever, to become aware of the impending scale of the problem. Let’s not wait for another catastrophe before we do something!

Western countries have the power to change things by their purchasing power and their influence on the world.

Just as it is important to reduce our meat consumption worldwide, it is also important to explore possible alternatives to leather. Buying leather helps support the meat industry and vice versa. In this way we encourage deforestation without our knowledge.

Madagascar is a unique biodiversity that is threatened by deforestation.There are so many unique species of plants and animals across the African continent, more than 80% of which are found nowhere else are found in the world. Madagascar has an endemic ecosystem of rich and infinite preciousness.

Thus a hectare of forest lost on our island does far more disastrous damage to biodiversity than in other habitats. We call on Western countries to encourage reforestation, support local initiatives, alternatives to charcoal … To inspire the world to a new sustainable way to enjoy our wealth.