Impact Hub Vienna

By Fashion Revolution

2 months ago

Location:Lindengasse 56, 1070 Wien, Austria

Upcoming events

  • 16/04/2024 06:00 - 18/04/2024 10:00

    Join us for a special event that aligns with the heart of Fashion Revolution Week.

    Throughout the day you’ll have a chance to swap your clothes, offering a fun and sustainable way to refresh your wardrobe this spring. Simply bring one tote bag with clean, good-condition items perfect for the spring season and exchange them for new-to-you treasures.

    We warmly invite you to an important discussion around working conditions and lives of those behind our clothing, while exploring how we, as consumers, can make more ethical and impactful fashion choices.

    Following the discussion, we’ll explore embroidery as a practical tool for clothing repair and upcycling, focusing on techniques to enhance your clothes or items such as a tote bag. During this session you’ll learn the skills to creatively extend the life of your garments, for example, if it is stained or damaged (places to participate are limited and will be assign on first come, first served basis).

    A day of Ethical Fashion is a chance to learn, share, and contribute to a global movement aiming to transform the fashion industry into one that values people and the planet equally. This session is all about community, ideas, and making a real difference.