Café Santa Cris Ateliê – Rua Ramos Ferreira, 145 Centro

By Fashion Revolution

2 months ago

Location:Manaus, AM, Brasil

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  • 17/04/2024 22:00 - 19/04/2024 02:00

    In the era of fast fashion, the textile industry has prioritized the mass production of disposable clothing, resulting in an accelerated consumption cycle and large amounts of waste. Therefore, repairing our clothes ends up becoming a sustainable and revolutionary action! Instead of discarding them, we can extend their useful life with simple repairs, connecting with manual skills and strengthening collective bonds. More than a simple household chore, repairing clothes is a fun and empowering activity. It's time to break with the culture of superficial consumption and embrace the transformative power of clothing repair for a more sustainable and connected future. Join the fashion revolution and come fix your clothes with us!

    Lylle Abreu – founder of Slow Fashion Manaus

    Note: bring an outfit from home to have it repaired or customized with us! We will teach you several upcycle and creative sewing techniques!