Allude GmbH

By Fashion Revolution

3 months ago

Location:Daglfinger Str. 67, 81929 München, Germany

Upcoming events

  • 16/04/2024 06:00 - 18/04/2024 09:00

    Join us on April 19th at Allude Cashmere headquarters on Daglfinger Str. 67 in Munich for an inspiring masterclass on invisible mending and cashmere care “Repair before you replace".

    Since its foundation in 1993, Allude has dedicated itself to the production of exquisite cashmere knitwear. Since 2015, Allude has been running the Allude Cashmere Clinic, where knitwear of all brands with a minimum content of 30% is cared for and repaired.
    This masterclass is a part of #MendInPublicDay highlighting our commitment to making Loved Clothes Last and extending the life of cashmere products by prioritising care and repair over replacement.

    Under the expert guidance of our specialists you'll explore the nuanced techniques of invisible mending and cashmere care that breathe new life into your precious knits.
    This workshop is designed for enthusiasts at all skill levels and will cover everything from selecting the right tools to the fine points of repair, ensuring your garments last longer and continue to bring you joy. Participants will learn invisible mending techniques which allow to repair knitwear almost invisibly.

    All necessary materials for the masterclass will be provided by Allude. You're welcome to bring your favourite cashmere piece for repair.

    Spaces are limited to just 10 to provide personalised support and to share as much knowledge as possible with all participants. Sign up through the linked form to secure your spot.