Texturas Ateliê Criativo

By Fashion Revolution

2 months ago

Upcoming events

  • 17/04/2024 04:00 - 19/04/2024 07:30

    Inspired by the Earth Hour and Street Stitching movements, Mend in Public Day is a day of collective resistance against the fashion system we live in, which does not encourage fixes and repairs, and intensifies the disposal of products that could have their useful life extended. .

    Held on Saturday, April 20, Mend in Public Day invites new and old fashion revolutionaries to take to the streets or public places to sew, embroider, knit, crochet and mend.

    Texturas Ateliê Criativo will promote this action in Brasília. Texturas is composed of Ana Luiza Olivete, Gia Dachi, Helô Rocha, Luz Weber, Rachel Potira, Rafaella Lacerda and Romilda Gomes.