Seeds to Sew International

By Fashion Revolution

2 months ago


Seeds to Sew International, Inc. is a US-based, Fair Trade verified, 501(c)3, non-profit organization with the mission of improving the lives of women and girls in disadvantaged communities through education and job skills training. Currently we work in rural Kenya, and our goal is for the women and girls in our programs to use their education and newfound job skills to earn money and to support themselves and their communities.

Upcoming events

  • 20/04/2024 09:00 - 20/04/2024 11:00

    Join us for a Mend In Public Event at our shop on Seminary Ave. The idea is simple: get out into your local community and stitch in protest against disposable fashion. We will repair our torn pockets and broken seams and spark conversations on making Loved Clothes Last.

    Mend in Public Day stands as a beacon of change in a world inundated with fashion waste. By participating, you would be part of a global creative action resisting the cycle of excess through repair and reuse.

    Be mindful this is NOT a workshop. It’s a self-guided experience to practice your mending skills. All skill levels and Fashion Revolutionaries welcome. We encourage you to share what you know with other attendees.

    We’ll have supplies available for your use. Scissors, buttons, threads, needles, fabric scraps, even sewing machines if you dare. Sign up for one or both slots, and get your repair pile (or other fiber crafts!) ready!