Prairie Underground

By Fashion Revolution

2 months ago

Prairie Underground is a Sustainable, Womxn Owned, Clothing Company, Made in Seattle Since 2004, Created with Natural Materials, Organic Cotton & Hemp

Upcoming events

  • 11/04/2024 06:00 - 23/04/2024 09:00

    APRIL 13 @ 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
    Join Janelle on Saturday, April 13th to celebrate her up-coming performance, “14 Hours”. The artist will be present to talk about her intention, expectations, and concerns considering the performance.


    Janelle will perform 14 hours a day, 6 days in a row, in order to surrogate and demonstrate the daily lived experience of garment workers across the globe. Each day she will quilt together two pieces of deadstock fabric reclaimed from a defunct Seattle-area garment manufacturer. One “quilt” or “tapestry” will be created per day. At a later date, the pieces created via “14 Hours” will be sold or auctioned, with the majority of the proceeds going to support garment worker’s rights and reparations. Janelle will only be compensated for each piece based on the average daily wage of a Bangladeshi garment worker—about $3.50. The performance will be live streamed on Twitch for those outside the Seattle area, but if you are in the Seattle area: feel free to drop by Prairie Underground April 15th through 20th anytime between 6AM and 8PM to see Janelle performing live.

    Performance will continue during Fashion Revolution Week April 15th-24th, 2024.