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Uganda Country Team of Fashion Revolution- The Global Movement for a fashion industry that values people and planet over profit.

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  • 16/04/2021 06:00 - 18/04/2021 08:00

    A discussion about circular fashion and how we can achieve a more successful circular fashion model in Africa.

    Moderator: Beatrace Angut Oola | Fashion Africa Now


    1. Cherie Birkner | Sustainable Fashion Matterz
    2. Ak Ibrahim | IGC Fashion
    3. Victor Namutwe| Joroh Clothing.
    4. Aweko Faith | Reform Africa Tbc.

    The fashion scene in Uganda is young and vibrant, although there are shady sides of the fashion economy. In the last years the scene has been growing and more and conscious fashion brands are trying to cultivate their business. The fashion industry is facing different challenges, on the one hand the second hand business and on the other hand the cheap and mass production from Asia. The local fashion market is not able to step out of the shadows and build an independent economy. It is time to recognise and promote the potential of fashion creators.

    Why is the Ugandan fashion economy not a circular economy? How can the fashion economy support local Made in Uganda fashion brands? What needs to be implemented to create a circular fashion economy? What examples do already exist in the local fashion market? These are some questions we want to discuss with you in an open Q&A.

    This event is organised by Fashion Revolution Uganda and IGC Fashion in Partnership with MoTIV Uganda, Fashion Africa Now and Goethe-Zentrum.