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2 years ago

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  • 20/04/2021 01:00 - 22/04/2021 02:30

    Culture, Nature, and Textiles are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent. How does the appropriative behaviour of the fashion industry affect the well-being of these communities and the well-being of our natural environment?

    From appropriation of traditional designs without consent, credit or compensation, to disrupting the cycles of use and regeneration of natural resources, the fashion industry does not hold a record of best practices for developing and sustaining relationships with Indigenous and Local Communities.

    This event is a platform for conversation with those who walk the talk. We will be hearing from various actors and representatives of local communities who are implementing practical solutions in response to appropriation of cultural expressions and develop models that enable cultural and environmental sustainability.

    This conversation aims to illuminate the audience on the importance of Traditional Knowledge and Traditional Cultural Expressions as resources and sources of inspiration for the fashion industry and showcase best practices based on equity, dignity and benefit-sharing.

    On the panel, we’ll be joined by:

    Monica Boța-Moisin, founder of Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative.
    Rebecka Forsgren, project leader at Min Oðða Giron and advocate for enhanced participation of the Sámi people in Sweden.
    Tara Gujadhur, co-founder of Traditional Arts and Ethnology Centre, a museum dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity in Laos.
    Rituraj Dewan, co-founder of 7WEAVES Social, a collective of artisans conserving the rich local traditions of Eri textiles in India.