Columbus Fashion Academy

By Fashion Revolution

3 months ago

Our mission is to transform lives through fashion. Sustainability is one of our core values.

Upcoming events

  • 17/04/2024 03:00 - 19/04/2024 07:00

    Join us for the inaugural global Mend In Public Day on Saturday, April 20th, as we take a stand against disposable fashion and continue our efforts to slow fast fashion. It's a day to bring the fashion community together, stitching and repairing in the heart of our local areas, transforming our relationship with our clothes. This event is more than just mending; it's a creative protest promoting sustainability by encouraging everyone to love and last their clothes longer through repair and reuse.

    Everyone is invited, from seasoned menders to beginners, with skilled helpers on-site to guide newcomers (Please register so we can get an idea of how many to expect). Bring along one item in need of repair, needles, thread, fabric scraps, and perhaps a chair or picnic blanket for comfort. We'll even have embroidery patterns for those just starting out.

    This day is also a call to action for local businesses, from thrift stores to charity shops, to join forces with us, providing pre-loved clothes for repair or upcycling (all extras will be re-used by Columbus Fashion Academy). Moreover, if you're a tailor, design school student, teacher, or repair service worker, your expertise can greatly support our cause (please sign up and let us know what hours you plan to help out). Local vendors are also encouraged to show their support by offering food, drinks to participants (please let us know what can you donate ahead of time. we will also promote your business on social thank you!)

    Mend In Public Day is not just about fixing clothes; it's about changing mindsets and building a community dedicated to a more sustainable and inclusive fashion future. Let's mend the fabric of society together!