Every day counts. As we count down to 2030 – the date set by the United Nations to reach their Sustainable Development Goals – the sense of urgency to create lasting environmental and social change grows. It’s often too easy to see the challenges facing the fashion industry as other people’s problems. At Fashion Revolution, we know how much work brands and governments need to do. But we also know how much power we, as individuals, have to use our voices – and our spending power – to demand change. We can all do our bit, from sewing on a button to swapping a piece of clothing with a friend, or simply thinking before we buy. Planning ahead helps, especially when we are slowing down our consumption, making more conscious choices, remembering days of solidarity, and thinking ahead about our own personal acts of Fashion Revolution.

Technical information: A2 (420x594mm) folding down to A5 (148x210mm). Printed in 3 spot colours on recycled paper, in the UK by Seacourt, a zero waste printer, net positive printer.